Home and garden design

The possibilities with fiberglass and carbon are almost infinitely .
Coffee tables, chairs, benches, vases, furniture for the garden, kitchen islands, decorative screens, .... and so much more.
Decoration pieces manufactured from polyurethane foam with a layer of fiberglass or carbon is also possible.
Some advantages of polyester materials are waterproof, dent free, and easily washable.
If you want a unique piece of furniture in your home, that's possible. We realize your wishes.
Please feel free to contact us for your desired idea or creation. Below you can read what belongs to our capabilities, of course, this can be further supplemented depending on your needs. Everything is negotiable, everything is enforceable in fiberglass, carbon fiber and kevlar and is custom made.
                   *Fiberglass doors
                   *fiberglass kitchen, fiberglass kitchen chairs, kitchen islands
                   *Flower pots, water containers
                   *Ponds, breeding tanks, basins
                   *fiberglass shower trays, fiberglass bathtubs, sinks, and all kinds of bathroom decoration
                   *Stage props